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Honesty, commitment and quality craftsmanship

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We Are Professional, Competitive And Competent In Our Service

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Connelly Crane


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Work smarter

Innovative and Cost-Effective Industrial Solutions

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Work smarter with Connelly Crane Rental!
We provide innovative and cost-effective industrial solutions


For applications requiring a small footprint with large capacity.

Hydraulic All Terrain

A mobile, versatile crane capable of traveling on and off road for those hard to access job sites.

Hydraulic Carry Deck

Able to run on propane to operate safely inside your facility, deck can be used to transport your load with jobsite.

Telescopic Forklift

Off-road tires capable of moving loads around your tight job site with efficiency.

Hydraulic Self-Propelled

Off-road tires capable of moving loads around your job site with efficiency.

Hydraulic Boom Truck

A mobile truck mounted crane able to carry loads on its flat deck.

Hydraulic Truck Crane

A mobile crane that travels on road, sets up quickly, gives you the lift you need, and returns to our yard.

Conventional Crawler Crane

Delivered to your long-term job site for the most effective lifting needs.

Super Lifting Crane

The elite Super Lifting Crane is the strongest we offer.

For three generations…

“Many of the most demanding construction lifting assignments in Michigan have relied on the versatility of cranes rented from the Connelly family. The business was started by L. W. “Walt” Connelly in 1943 and is managed today by his grandson Mike Connelly.

“We sell service in this lifting business. What we have is our reputation and the reputation of our guys in the field. Some of our equipment operators have been with us for 35-40 years,” Mike Connelly says.

“You can’t over-emphasize the importance of good equipment operators and the right cranes” Walt Connelly once said.

When it comes to the right cranes for your construction project, Connelly Crane has the perfect match for any job. With a fleet of over 90 cranes and more than 60 highly skilled crane operators, Connelly Crane can offer you the right match for your job.

Connelly Crane offers cranes with capacities ranging from 5 to 360 ton.

With an occasional pause to restructure, Connelly has always focused on meeting the construction crane market’s needs. Avoiding the mistake some crane firms made to expand to sizes beyond control, Connelly has kept developing the southeastern Michigan market, competing on the basis of versatility and skill against tough competition.

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