Rough Terrain

Rough Terrain – Capacities ranging from  30  to 90 Tons. 

Equipped with four over-sized rubber tires and all-wheel drive, our rough terrain cranes offer the perfect combination of power and traction for travel on rutted, muddy job-sites. A choice of four steering modes (front-only, rear-only, crab, and coordinated) makes it easy to maneuver in and out of the tightest quarters while its rugged box-section frame absorbs shock loads and torsional stress often encountered in rough terrain work.  Due to their low center of gravity and adjustable outriggers, rough terrain cranes are able to accomplish jobs safely and quickly. When used properly, these cranes can be one of the safest and most comprehensive pieces of hoisting equipment on the jobsite.

We also have available OSHA approved man baskets, and convenient moon buggies (roofer’s carts) are available to rent with our cranes. 

We believe that our customers deserve the latest and technically advanced equipment for both operated and bare rentals; that’s why Connelly Crane Rental offers state-of-the-art cranes.

At Connelly Crane we are committed to supplying quality equipment and service that meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. We are constantly searching to identify the changing and diverse needs of our customers… then we structure future additions to our crane fleet to meet those demands.

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