2010 – Present
2000 – 2009
2001 -360 ton all terrain “Big Grizz” Liebherr Our largest state of the art all terrain, leading its class in capacities and reach, 2,800# at 300′ radius.
2000 -First 250 ton Liebherr crawler250 ton Liebherr is the largest mobile crawler in therental fleet, leading its class in capacity and radius.
2000 -40 ton Link-Belt rough terrain40 ton Link-Belt offers 156′ of boom & jib& 135′ radius, more than any other 40 ton in the area.
1990 – 1999
1999 -Gradall rough terrain forklifts6,000#, 9,000#, and 10,000# hydraulicboom Gradall forklifts add a new dimension to Connelly’s fleet.
1999 -First 80 ton hylab crawler in the area80 ton Link-Belt is able to be movedduring frost law and is totally self assembled.
1999 -First 150 ton Liebherr all terrain in area150 ton Liebherr all terrain offers 184′ main boomand 92′ jib, more than any other 150 ton in the area.
1998 -First 200 ton all terrain in Detroit area200 ton Demag leads its class with 310′ ofavailable hook height and 243′ of available radius.
1998 -First 100 ton hylab crawler in area100 ton Link-Belt features state of the artcrawler technology, fast move in & assembly,expands our crawler fleet to four.
1997 -First two 70 ton truck cranes70 ton Link-Belt, compact dimensions allow movement day or night, frost law legal with2 axle boom dolly.
1996 -First 200 ton hylab crawler200 ton Link-Belt leads class in capacity &radius, ease of transport and erection.
1995 -First frost law legal 65 ton in Detroit65 ton Link-Belt, compact dimensions allowmovement day or night, frost law legal with2 axle boom dolly.
1994 -Quick and versatileTwo 19 ton boom trucks and one 14 tonboom truck added to compliment smallcranes in fleet.
1994 -First 175 ton all terrain in U.S.175 ton Krupp leads class in capacities & reach,3,600# at 200′ radius.
1990 -110 ton hydraulic all terrain 110 ton Krupp 135′ boom 52′ extension offsetable 30º.
1980 – 1989
1989 -Most compact all terrain in Michigan 45 ton Krupp 105′ boom 43′ offsetable extension.
1988 -Largest truck crane in Michigan360 ton Krupp.
1987 -Largest all terrain in Midwest80 ton Krupp.
1982 -165 ton conventional truck craneLeads the class in capacities plus boom lengths.
1970 – 1979
1978 -100 ton conventional truck craneAdded to extensive fleet of hydraulic T.C. &R.T. & Conventional T.C., crawler & tower cranes.
1971 -Longest self erecting conventional boom150 ton T.C. with 340′ of boom plus jib.
1960 – 1969
1968 -Largest mobile tower crane90 ton T.C. With 150′ tower plus 90′ boom.
1964 -First hydraulic truck crane in rental fleet12 ton hydraulic T.C. With 51′ boom plus 17′ jib.
1963 -First mobile tower crane50 ton T.C. With 105′ tower plus 90′ boom.
1961 -First hydraulic R.T. in Detroit rental fleet12 ton Austin Western.
1960 -Largest truck crane in Michigan65 ton, later rerated to 75 ton, also converted10 ton crane boom for jib.
1940 – 1959
1946 -First extendable jibCustom built to 30′, largest jib in area.
1945 -Largest truck crane in Detroit area20/25 ton with 100′ boom and 15′ jib, 6 x 6 drive.
1943 -Connelly Crane established in the Detroit area.

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