For three generations many of the most demanding construction lifting assignments in Michigan have relied on the versatility of cranes rented from the Connelly family.

The business was started by L. W. “Walt” Connelly in 1943 and is managed today by his grandson Mike Connelly.

“We sell service in this lifting business. What we have is our reputation and the reputation of our guys in the field. Some of our equipment operators have been with us for 35-40 years,” Mike Connelly says.

“You can’t over-emphasize the importance of good equipment operators and the right cranes” Walt Connelly once said.

When it comes to the right cranes for your construction project, Connelly Crane has the perfect match for any job. With a fleet of over 90 cranes and more than 60 highly skilled crane operators, Connelly Crane can offer you the right match for your job.

Connelly Crane offers cranes with capacities ranging from 5 to 365 ton.

With an occasional pause to restructure, Connelly has always focused on meeting the construction crane market’s needs. Avoiding the mistake some crane firms made to expand to sizes beyond control, Connelly has kept developing the southeastern Michigan market, competing on the basis of versatility and skill against tough competition.

To remain a competitor, Connelly Crane continues to upgrade its crane fleet to provide the most advanced cranes to its customers (picture at the top of this page shows 70 ton Hydraulic Link Belt crane). Such modern equipment allows the company to further refine a growing reputation for being able to tackle just about any lifting assignment, no matter how out of the ordinary.

Our rental fleet includes boom trucks, telescopic forklifts, rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, conventional and hydraulic truck cranes, conventional crawler cranes and now both fixed and portable tower cranes. We also have available OSHA approved man baskets, and convenient moon buggies are available to use with our cranes. We believe that our customer deserves the latest and technically advanced equipment for both operated and bare rentals. That’s why Connelly Crane Rental offers state of the art cranes. Our versatile all terrain cranes combine the roadability of a truck-mounted crane with the on-site performance of a rough terrain crane. Highway speeds up to 55 mph are possible, eliminating the need for special travel permits and hauling in many cases. Special suspension systems and four-mode steering provide outstanding off-road maneuverability. Our rough terrain cranes offer the perfect combination of power and traction for travel on rutted, muddy job-sites. A choice of four steering modes – front-only, rear-only, crab, and coordinated – makes it easy to maneuver in and out of the tightest quarters. Rugged box-section frame absorbs shock loads and torsional stress encountered in rough terrain work. Connelly Crane Rental is committed to supplying quality products and services that meet our customer requirements, expectations and demands in accordance with Contractual requirements. We should recognize the diverse needs and requirements of our customers and always seek out workable solutions to meet these demands. We will further improve on our products and services to better suit customer’s needs and bring them even more benefits.


  • 2001 -360 ton all terrain “Big Grizz” Liebherr Our largest state of the art all terrain, leading its class in capacities and reach, 2,800# at 300′ radius.
  • 2000 -First 250 ton Liebherr crawler250 ton Liebherr is the largest mobile crawler in therental fleet, leading its class in capacity and radius.
  • 2000 -40 ton Link-Belt rough terrain40 ton Link-Belt offers 156′ of boom & jib& 135′ radius, more than any other 40 ton in the area.
  • 1999 -Gradall rough terrain forklifts6,000#, 9,000#, and 10,000# hydraulicboom Gradall forklifts add a new dimensionto Connelly’s fleet.
  • 1999 -First 80 ton hylab crawler in the area80 ton Link-Belt is able to be movedduring frost law and is totally self assembled.
  • 1999 -First 150 ton Liebherr all terrain in area150 ton Liebherr all terrain offers 184′ main boomand 92′ jib, more than any other 150 ton in the area.
  • 1998 -First 200 ton all terrain in Detroit area200 ton Demag leads its class with 310′ ofavailable hook height and 243′ of available radius.
  • 1998 -First 100 ton hylab crawler in area100 ton Link-Belt features state of the artcrawler technology, fast move in & assembly,expands our crawler fleet to four.
  • 1997 -First two 70 ton truck cranes70 ton Link-Belt, compact dimensions allow movement day or night, frost law legal with2 axle boom dolly.
  • 1996 -First 200 ton hylab crawler200 ton Link-Belt leads class in capacity &radius, ease of transport and erection.
  • 1995 -First frost law legal 65 ton in Detroit65 ton Link-Belt, compact dimensions allowmovement day or night, frost law legal with2 axle boom dolly.
  • 1994 -Quick and versatileTwo 19 ton boom trucks and one 14 tonboom truck added to compliment smallcranes in fleet.
  • 1994 -First 175 ton all terrain in U.S.175 ton Krupp leads class in capacities & reach,3,600# at 200′ radius.
  • 1990 -110 ton hydraulic all terrain 110 ton Krupp 135′ boom 52′ extension offsetable 30ยบ.
  • 1989 -Most compact all terrain in Michigan 45 ton Krupp 105′ boom 43′ offsetable extension.
  • 1988 -Largest truck crane in Michigan360 ton Krupp.
  • 1987 -Largest all terrain in Midwest80 ton Krupp.
  • 1982 -165 ton conventional truck craneLeads the class in capacities plus boom lengths.
  • 1978 -100 ton conventional truck craneAdded to extensive fleet of hydraulic T.C. &R.T. & Conventional T.C., crawler & tower cranes.
  • 1971 -Longest self erecting conventional boom150 ton T.C. with 340′ of boom plus jib.
  • 1968 -Largest mobile tower crane90 ton T.C. With 150′ tower plus 90′ boom.
  • 1964 -First hydraulic truck crane in rental fleet12 ton hydraulic T.C. With 51′ boom plus 17′ jib.
  • 1963 -First mobile tower crane50 ton T.C. With 105′ tower plus 90′ boom.
  • 1961 -First hydraulic R.T. in Detroit rental fleet12 ton Austin Western.
  • 1960 -Largest truck crane in Michigan65 ton, later rerated to 75 ton, also converted10 ton crane boom for jib.
  • 1946 -First extendable jibCustom built to 30′, largest jib in area.
  • 1945 -Largest truck crane in Detroit area20/25 ton with 100′ boom and 15′ jib, 6 x 6 drive.
  • 1943 -Connelly Crane established in the Detroit area.